Brick stain kits for your business

Complete range of base color concentrates, fixing agents and essential equipment for the user to practice and apply the art of brick and mortar tinting.

This package is the ideal springboard for those seeking to set up a brick tinting service to either complement their existing business activities or as a stand-alone operation.

There is enough color concentrate supplied to potentially treat over 5,000 square feet (over 450 square metres) of brickwork!

'The Art of Brick and Mortar Tinting: A Concise Guide' is included in this package. This is a valuable guide to assist you in your new venture into this colorful area of the construction industry.

Complete list of items included in this starter pack:

2 x 14 fl.oz (415ml) of Fixing Agent

5 x 14 fl.oz (415ml) of Color Concentrate

Colors supplied:
» Yellow
» Red
» Blue
» Black
» White

Laminated Instruction Leaflets & Safety Data Sheets

1 x Book: 'The Art of Brick and Mortar Tinting: A Concise Guide'
3 x 50 ml Color Concentrate Syringes
3 x Mortar Tinting Brushes
2 x Specialized Brick Tinting Brushes (For smooth faced bricks)
6 (pair) Pre-powdered, non-latex, high quality, disposable gloves

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We also supply a full range of commercial products to suit your brick tinting requirements

"Stain Brick - Brick Stain: Whichever way you look, it's a great product!"