About the products

Following your initial purchase of the Brick Stain Business in a Box and Bucket, you can replenish any item within the Starter Pack.

The 500ml pot sizes are made to fit the Starter Bucket and seven of these will fit snugly in the bucket.

The strong liquid colour concentrates can be sucked out of the bottles using the measuring syringes which slide nicely into the top. They come with protective caps which stops the product drying out and can be stored for long periods within the syringe.

There is enough colour concentrate supplied to potentially treat over 500 square metres (well over 5000 square feet) of brickwork!

The amount of colour concentrate needed to produce 1 litre of brick stain will vary depending on the original background colour and the depth of colour required. Most tinting work requires an addition of between 30 - 50mls per litre. This equates to an average of 40mls, so each 400ml pot of colour can usually produce 10 litres of brick stain.

10 litres of brick stain would cover about 100 square metres (for smooth bricks with average absorption).

Other sizes are available in 0.5 Litre, 1.0 Litre and 5 Litre containers.