The Box

The Stainbrick Business in a Box, contains: The Complete Brick Tinting Manual

Stainbrick are proud to offer an updated version of the original classic 'The Complete Brick Tinting Manual'.

The 120-page manual is profusely illustrated and has a word count of over 12,000. It has been compiled from forty years of personal experience, by the author, in the development and application of tinting compounds for colour staining.

Stainbrick brick tinting compounds can also be applied to mortar, stone and concrete lintels etc., and are explained under the relevant chapters.

Colour is an important aspect of any building material and when this colour changes, outside the original design parameters or the accepted norm, it can result in many cosmetic disorders.

Brick tinting is an effective colour corrective process and, when applied with the correct techniques, will offer the perfect solution for a durable, natural and pleasing result.

The aim of the manual is to provide sufficient information to enable the reader to carry out their own corrective colour treatments to a variety of masonry backgrounds using our high quality colour stains.

The manual has been designed to be easy to read and understand with the technical content being allocated its own chapter.

Methods of application are illustrated and explained using step-by-step photographs and diagrams.